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# 29/08/2012 à 17:28 Vasndorit (site web)
penile enlarging

NeoSize XL is an in operation unexceptional formula developed to give penile blood drift, jolt production of testosterone, to sustain and enlarge the masculine process an eye to improved bodily performance.
1. Anon acts on penile endothelial cells and therefore improves the blood flow at penile arteries and veins.
2. Stimulates secretion of androgen and following manumit of nitric oxide from the stress endings of penile muscles increasing importance of erections, inner strength and libido.
3. Relieves foreboding, psychical ictus and depression.
4. Tones the Nervous System, check the formation of at large radicals, and promotes regeneration of damaged nerves of genitals.
5. Increases muscle oodles & enhances the growth of man's organ.
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